5 Telltale Signs You Need to See a Therapist ASAP

For some people, problems and challenges can get the best of them. They overthink a lot to the point that they can no longer function normally. Some of them might refuse to socialise or see their friends and loved ones. Some would have a hard time even to wake up in the morning. For these people, seeking help from a psychologist in Sydney CBD is a must.

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When life becomes too much that you feel you are better off gone from this world, maybe it’s time you seek counselling. The following are telltale signs you should seriously think about going into therapy.

1. You are completely distressed.

If you are overwhelmed with problems and you have lost interest in everything, you are most likely to function poorly in various environments, be at work, at home, or in school. If this is how you are feeling at the moment, then it’s a sure sign that it’s high time you seek out help.

2. You can’t control your emotions any longer.

Your emotions have gone out of control. You’re not able to think straight, so you can sort out your feelings and act appropriately. You get irritated at the pettiest of things, and you tend to burst at the most trivial of matters. Worst of all, all these negative feelings are escalating to the point that you begin to think about suicide. If you contemplate taking your own life more than once, you need to get help immediately. Contact a reputable psychologist in Sydney CBD now.

3. You have lost interest in things you used to love.

You used to go out with your friends a lot. But all of a sudden, you stopped seeing your friends. You’re the least excited about events that you used to love organising. You feel that your emotions are holding you back and are forcing you to sulk at home. All of this could be a sign of depression. To be able to overcome this mental disorder, it’s best that you seek professional counselling from the best Sydney CBD psychologist, Dr. Louise Morrow. She is a registered clinical psychologist who has an experience in providing psychological services in public health for more than 20 years now.

4. You have developed unhealthy habits.

If you have turned to alcohol, drugs, sex, or shopping and have spent substantial amounts of money to forget about your problems and feel better, then talking to a professional Sydney CBD psychologist will help you identify the triggers and manage your condition better.

5. Your family and friends have all given up trying to help you.

People around you have noticed the change in your behaviour and have said something to you. Some have even called you out on your newfound habits. But, you ignore them or brush them off and tell them to mind their own business. They are probably right, though. Perhaps, it’s time you turn to a clinical psychologist Sydney CBD before it’s too late.

Getting a therapy from a professional will not only help you with the issues you are struggling with, but will also help you gain more insight and awareness. Sometimes, all it takes to get better and move forward is to take that one small step, like seeking medical help from a psychologist in Sydney CBD.


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